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Love Star Production
Brings You Chill, Ambient
Music With A Touch Of Trance & Hip-Hop.
We Are Located In Portland, Oregon USA.
Love Star Production Consists Of Natey Love, Nateybeats, Love Star, Wellfedkitten, LINK, Pinealreel & Flatearthers.  We Use A Built Windows Computer That Runs Sony ACID PRO 7 & Primarily Use Waves Plug-Ins & Nexus.

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If You Would Like To Work With Us, Please Send Us An E-Mail With Social Links & A Brief Intro Explaining
​What You Strive To Bring Into The World Via Music.

If You Have Questions About How We Make Our Music,
​Don't Hesitate To Contact Us, Even If It's About General Music Production.  We Can Provide You With Resources To Take Your Craft To The Next Level.  Rather It Be Production, Mixing, Mastering, Promotion Or Just A Simple
Opinion On A Piece Of Music, We Have You Covered!

The Team At Love Star Is Looking Forward To Speaking With You!

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